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Property Management

Antigua Dream Properties offers a range of care and support (property management) services for your Antigua, West Indies home, apartment, apartment complex, villa or commercial complex.

These property management services include:
Regular on-site inspection
Pool inspection and servicing of pool and associated equipment,
Inspection of grounds and gardens and gardening,
Cleaning for preparation for rental,
Contracting of Maid Service if required
Contracting of Security if required
Rent collection, and banking and administration of rental income.
Payment services for regular local bills such as insurance, water, electric, local and overseas telephone, internet, cable TV, gardening, pool cleaning, and maid service.

Antigua Dream Properties also offer selection and oversight services for maintenance, decorating, home improvement and/or construction or expansion projects.

Our basic monthly fee of $150.00 US covers:
Monthly site inspection -- both external and internal
Inspection of regular maintenance services such as gardening, cleaning and pool service
Rent collection, and banking and administration of rental income.
Payment services for local bills

Selection and oversight services for other activities such as decorating and home improvement carry a charge of 10% of the service provider's fees to the home owner.
Antigua Dream Properties would be happy to discuss our services and fees in greater detail.

Antigua Dream Properties ensures that your investment in property is protected and effectively managed so as to maximize the return on your investment over the projected economic lifespan of the investment.

At Antigua Dream Properties our aim is to serve and we are constantly guided by our motto “No. 1 in Honesty and Integrity.”

Let us manage your family residence, apartment building, commercial building, villa or condo anywhere in Antigua. Below you'll find a quick overview of our property management services:

  1. We can provide you with advice on cost-effective steps you can take to make your property more valuable and to bring you more rental income.
  2. We will advertise the property for rent, collect applications, interview and screen the applicants, run background checks, and prepare the lease or rental agreement.
  3. We will inspect the exterior and interior of the property every three to four months and ensure that the required preventive maintenance is carried out. Additionally, we will advise you of any major maintenance that needs to be done. We will arrange to have the necessary work carried out and to manage the contract for performing this work.
  4. Collect rents, pay expenses, and send you a complete report every month along with your check.
  5. Arrange gardening and maid service as required per terms of the rental or lease agreement.
If you'd like to receive more information on our property management services, please call me at 268 728-7393 or 268 723-8561.

Please Click this link to See My databased searchable Site This site is still under construction but has some listings which are not on the main site.

If you have a property in Antigua, whether raw land or land with buildings, and you would like to promote your property with on this website, we will be happy to provide you access to upload descriptions and photos to our searchable database for a small fee per property listed. You will be able to upload up to seven photos. for details please use our contact form at the bottom of the page.

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If you have a question, wish to make an inquiry or comment, please complete our contact form and we shall get back to you as quickly as possible.

Tel (268) 728-7393, or (268) 723-8561

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