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Custom Home and Villa Designs

Work with our team of qualified local architects, experienced in designing Caribean style vacation villas and vacation homes to achieve that Caribbean island paradise getaway that you have dreamed about. Our team of professional Antigua based real estate personel, home planners and designers and builders in association with Antigua Dream Properties can make that vacation home, on the island paradise of Antigua, a reality.

Do you already have a set of building plans that need to be revised to meet local conditions and requirements and to obtain local Development Control Authority approval? The professionals at Antigua Dream Properties will arrange to have the necessary changes made and file the necessary paperwork to get your home designs approved.

Several home plan services are available to help you get your custom home design off to a great start. Antigua Dream Properties would like to recommend some of the home plan services listed below: Please visit their sites and peruse their plans. You just might find the dream home plans that you are looking for. You can purchase your ideal plans, knowing that Antigua Dream Properties will be able to easily and cost effectively be able to make any necessary modifications required to suit your taste or required by the local conditions, and regulations.

Amazon sell some very great software packages that allow you to easily prepare your own floor plans and to visulize you home in 3D. The capability of these home planning packages varies from package to package. Please visit the Amazon Home Design Software link to see what's available.


Archway Home Plans

The Dream Home Search through the collection of over 15,000 quality house plans from 90 of Americas top designers

Floor Plans: Architectural Designs features house plans from dozens of prominent architects. Free modification estimates on all plans. Buy your house plan from someone you can trust--we've been fulfilling homeowners' dreams for over 30 years.

Interior Design Resources - Interior design school, tips and resources

Home Design Center - Latest Home Design Information

house floor plans
House floor plans


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Dreams do come true working with Antigua Dream Properties. Let us take the hassle out of moving to your island paradise. We make things simple for you.

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